Heal from Heartbreak and Thrive!


Dearest Queen,

I know what it’s like to go through the shock, anger and anguish of a break-up.

I know the heartbreak of being in a relationship that is no longer serving your highest and best version of yourself… no matter how deep the love and the connection once was.

I know what it feels like to lose the dream relationship, your truest Soulmate love, and to have to say goodbye to the one Beloved you cherished the most.

One could easily get lost in the hurt, blame, and negative self talk at this juncture. It is one of the most difficult inniations as a human soul – one which unfortunately most of us will have endure it at one point or another, as that is one of the risks of loving big and going all the way with your heart.

Separation from a Beloved does not make sense to the logical mind, but it IS a calling to come home to your true self. To the part of you that remains undamaged, giving you the opportunity to reflect back on what worked and didn’t work. To form a stronger bond to the Self and fortify your own inner truth and soul connection.

What if this breakup could help you to explode with joy and freedom, knowing that this freedom from attachment is ultimate liberation, and that this the transition is for your greatest good?

I am a Tantric Love and Relationship Coach who helps empowered, single women go from ‘Heartbreak to a Hell Yeah!’ – your Love Angel who can guide you towards creating the thriving love life you desire…. Yes, even after a breakup!

It makes me sad that people think they need to suffer in heartbreak alone, and don’t seek the support that is available to them. Heartbreak is universal. It is a time of self-inquiry. I want you to know you’re not alone in this, and you don’t just have to “wait” for time to heal these wounds or go through this alone!

With ‘Heal Your Heartbreak and Thrive,’ you will be proactive with consciously moving through your heartbreak (instead of bypassing and and repeating the same mistakes again) and accelerate your healing process. My 10 Step Program will guide you towards discovering the key to inner wholeness and attaining your own Inner Majesty: Your own conscious loving awareness.

Through our coaching process together, I will gently guide you through practices on how to compassionately meet all parts of yourself, including the heartbreak, as the key to healing yourself back to wholeness. You will learn how to cradle and hold your heart so you will not only feel restored, but you will have access to a new sense of radiance.

I want you to know from your bones that you are worthy of the love you truly desire, that you are worthy of being respected, you are worthy of a man being truly committed and devoted to you, and to know that you are enough. You are certainly MORE than enough – You are a Queen!

HEAL FROM HEARTBREAK AND THRIVE! is a 10 Step Tantric Love Coaching Program for Women to help you Reclaim your Self-Love, Self-Worth and Sovereignty to become the Radiant Woman you always knew you were.

As a Certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, I specialize in healing heartbreak for single, empowered women who are seeking their true love. Through our committed time together I will take you through a proven series of processes that will help you heal subconscious patterns and beliefs so you can reclaim your true Goddess Power and Self-worth, bringing you to an inner state of THRIVING!

This 10 Step Program helps women who have felt stuck, unworthy or disempowered in previous relationships using a combination of ancient Tantric practices, Somatic Psychology, and modern love rituals, giving you the ability to experience deep committed love and hot passionate sex with your future Dream Beloved.

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