The Art of Sexual Mastery



You are a Man who strives for Self-Mastery in every area of your life. You are living up to your potential in work and serving your purpose, you kill it in the gym, you can bio-hack any problem, yet when it comes to Intimacy and Sex, are you living up to your fullest potential?

Your woman craves your embodied presence both in and out of the bedroom. This requires you to be integrated with all parts of yourself; your light and your shadow, your primal nature that protects, and any shame or rejection from the past.

If you are an ever-evolving man committed to self-actualization, life requires you to know your sexual energy as intimately as you know your own mind.

This includes being a MASTERFUL LOVER: Being a tuned-in, with an opened hearted presence, and a willingness to be truly VULNERABLE, and not afraid to love!


The Presence-Power-Passion formula will provide you with the real-time experience of what it feels like to embody and empower your sexual energy.  By integrating your cock with your heart and mind, you will bring fulfillment to your sexual life while maintaining your integrity, power and purpose.

In this deep-dive, one-on-one training program you will learn the inner workings of your sexual energetic system with precise practices that will quickly transform the blocks that are preventing you from living up to your fullest sexual potential. Excited to get started?

The Presence-Power-Passion Men’s Sexual Mastery Program is a 6 month, pathway to Thriving Sexually. Over the course of 10 sessions, you’ll learn to strengthen your connection between your heart and your cock, develop intimacy skills, and become sex-actualized.

These practices help in healing past shame and trauma around sex, erectile dysfunction, erotic addictions and sexual performance challenges so that you can achieve success in both your business AND in the bedroom.

Through Neuroscience, ancient Tantric Sexual practices and Somatic-psychology, this cutting edge sex coaching program is designed to give you long-lasting results – FAST – by developing your Body / Mind / Heart connection using our revolutionary three-step Presence-Power-Passion formula.

With over 10 years experience working one-on-one with high-achieving Men, I will hold you in a safe, invigorating, and supportive space guiding you towards the three keys to what women really want in bed throughout this ground-breaking sexual empowerment coaching program.

The 3 Untold Truths to Becoming an Irresistible Lover

Learn how to Awaken Your Passion, Amplify Your Divine Masculinity, and Activate your Soul’s Purpose!

For one night only, I’ll be sharing the 3 Untold Truths of Becoming an Irresistible Lover

When: Friday, June 5th at 6pm PST

Where: Register here:

Through these 3 Untold Truths you will learn:

  • How to activate your Divine Masculine Power, and heal from the wounds of the past.
  • Draw her Powerfully Towards You, generating chemistry and magnetism.
  • Activate your Soul’s unfulfilled Purpose, so you can serve the world, and make a greater impact.

Because nothing is more attractive than an embodied man who is committed to living his Purpose every day.

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